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Company profile

Shantou Z-Value Co.,ltd was founded in 2007,Located in Chinese undergarment fomous town---Gurao Town, The factory built areas total around 13,026sqms.total staffs around 400persons. Z-Value is an professional undergarment factory which have a strong team with good skill in Design-Develop-Produce-Marketing in mainly export. The companies with global undergarment products ODM/OEM core manufacturers and suppliers for positioning, focus on underwear apparel product design and digital clothing production technology development and application, Afer around 10years continuous innovation and development, we established long term cooperation on base mutual benefit home and abroad.

  The company specialised in producing all varities of Bra,Panty,Swimming Wear,Sleep Wear, Sport Wear, Seamless Underwear, Bonded Wear.Etc. Mainly exprot to Europ,Amercia, Oceania in kinds of countrys. Rely on our good factory condition and thorough managemet, We get the certificate of OKEO-TEX100, BSCI, SEDEX, ISO:9001 and other relative in undergarment line.We also audited by Target,Primark,Woolworth,Etc.

  Under the lead of director Mr.ZhangChaozhong and his management team,The company continued to carry out technological innovation, brand building, social responsibility and corporate culture, and strive to improve their core competitiveness, and actively participate in international competition.we also bring the New fashion trend and concept into our Design and Develop as well as producing. So we established long-term cooperative relations;With many famous underwear brand .At the same time , we continuous investment in brand promotion , through the Internet, print, outdoor and other media publicity, sets up the brand, guarantee the products are sold well, on the other hand, improving management level, to enhance enterprise competitiveness.

We warmly welcome friends both abroad and domestic to come for a visit and cooperate with us.


  公司主导产品有文胸,内裤,泳装,睡衣,运动服,无缝内衣,贴合等系列产品, 主要出口欧洲,美洲,大洋洲各国和地区, 凭借良好的工厂环境和完善的企业管理,公司已成功取得Okeo-tex100, BSCI, SEDEX.ISO9001等各国服装行业相关认证,并成功通过欧美等客户相关验厂,如Target,Primark,Woolworth. etc.



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